The clarity grade is based on the presence or absence of inclusions produced by nature.
    While no diamond is perfectly pure, the soul of a diamond is its clarity. Deep within the diamond lies the presence of natural characteristics known as blemishes or inclusions. These defining characteristics are natural imperfections crafted by mother earth many years ago. Inclusions are the diamond’s fingerprints, no two diamonds are alike. Diamonds with fewer inclusions/blemishes receive a higher clarity grade while diamonds with a higher presence of inclusions/blemishes receive a lower clarity grade.

    Clarity Grades
    FL, IF: Very rare. No internal or external imperfections. These diamonds are perfect in every way.

    VVS1, VVS2: Extremely difficult to see imperfections with magnification, and impossible to see imperfections with the naked eye.

    VS1, VS2: Imperfections can slightly be seen with magnification, but still, not typically visible to the naked eye.

    SI1, SI2: Imperfections are clearly visible with magnification, and depending on where the inclusions lie, can or cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    I1, I2,I3: Imperfections are clearly visible both with magnification and to the naked eye.