We generally think of diamonds as colorless. In reality, though, most diamonds have a degree of color. A diamond’s color greatly influences its value and beauty, so it is important to carefully consider a diamond’s color before you purchase it.
Diamonds come in various shades of yellow which vary from so light that it is unnoticeable to the naked eye to brownish yellow.

  • D,E,F: Colorless
  • G,H,I,J: Near Colorless
  • K,L,M: Faint Yellow or Faint Brown
  • N,O,P,Q,R: Very Light Yellow or Very Light Brown
  • S to Z: Light Yellow or Light Brown

G, H, I Is the most sought after, cost effective without sacrificing appearance. It's nearly colorless when set in a ring. Starting J color, Faint color is noticeable. Consider selecting an I+ for white gold/platinum engagement ring and lower color when setting in yellow gold as color will be not as apparent since yellow gold can also mask the color (I-K).